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Like all social organizations, The Binghamton German Club depends on the generosity of its members who donate their time to make the club run.

Many people are needed to staff the club's big public functions.  We also have a day in the spring to ready the club for the season and one in the fall to prepare it for winter. These events are listed on the Public and Member events pages respectively. The club also sends out emails prior to these events.  Please don't hesitate to volunteer.

The club occasionally is in need of people with specific skills, such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, cooking, web design, social media, etc.  Please contact any of the club officers if you are willing to donate your time in these areas.

Of particular need are volunteers in the kitchen.  These range from people who are willing to plan and execute entire meals, to people to assist with preparing meals and cleaning up.  Contact the kitchen manager, Al Cataldi, if you are willing to help.  You can also sign up to help in the kitchen here.

There is also a need for people helping in the bar.  Contact the bar manager, Rob Schoonmaker, if you are willing to help.

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