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Thanks for continuing your membership to the Binghamton German Club.

Fill out the form on this page and submit it.  You will be prompted to pay the annual membership fee of $25.  Couples living at the same address may fill out a single form and pay a combined fee of $50.

If you prefer, you can download and print a copy of the renewal application, which can be mailed with a check.

Membership Renewal

The German Club has long supported a chorus with a professional director.  No particular skill in singing or German language is required.


Like all social clubs, the German Club exists due to the volunteerism of its members.  If you are willing to volunteer some of your time and have special skills, or a willingness to learn, please indicate how you can help.


Please enter the amount you are paying. Membership dues for an individual are $25. If you are renewing as a couple, combined dues are $50.  You may optionally add an additional donation to the Club. Then click the Pay button. Your payment information will then be collected.


Thanks for renewing!

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