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The Binghamton German welcomes you as a new member.

Fill out the form on this page and submit it.  You will thenbe prompted to pay the annual membership fee of $25.

Per the club bylaws, you are not formally a member until approved by the membership at the next membership meeting.  Until then, you are welcome at all club events.

Once your application is approved, you will be mailed a membership card which may be used to receive discounts at Club events.

If you prefer, you can download and print a copy of the membership application, which can be mailed with a check.

Membership Application


The German Club has long supported a chorus with a professional director.  No particular skill in singing or German language is required.


Like all social clubs, the German Club exists due to the volunteerism of its members.  If you are willing to volunteer some of your time, please indicate how you can help.




New members require the sponsorship of an existing member.  Please list the member that has invited you to join the Club.  If you don't have a sponsor, leave this field blank and the Club will provide one.  Also list any other members, other than your sponsor, that you know.


By completing this application, I understand that my membership in the Binghamton German Club, NY is contingent upon a vote at the next membership meeting. I understand the cultural/social concept of the Club and its basic purpose and goals. I will try to volunteer as time permits for work on the teams, groups, committees and events that make our club experience possible and enjoyable.

Please click the Pay button below. Your payment information will then be collected.

Thanks for joining!

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