Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity 

or Lawrence E. Giblin
vision One
Broome County, NY
Meetings Held Every Third Tuesday of the Month ~ 7:00pm
Next Meeting: TBA


148 Main Street
Binghamton, NY 13905

AOH/LAOH Annual Picnic
July 19, 2015
Noon - 4PM
Ross Park Zoo


AOH Golf Tournament

Ed Evan￿s is starting up a Irish music jam at the hall. It will be on every second and fourth Wednesday at 7 p.m.
The winter schedule will be; February 11th & 25th.
We are looking for people to attend. We need fiddles, whistles, guitar, banjo's and bodgran's. 
This is an open jam, and all are welcome.

 N O T I C E
We are updating the AOH Men's membership records and request any AOH current member to E-mail (JMorris83@STNY.RR.Com) their name, address, home and/or main phone #, or call Joe at 607-204-0332. 
I/we will be calling members who don't contact us to confirm the same data. This information is for AOH membership and communications only and that EMAILS will not be shared for any other purpose. 
Thanks! in our MOTTO, 
Joe Morris 267 Ransom Road Binghamton NY, 13901 H: 607-648-9327 / W:607-204-0332 C: 607-760-0846

Irish Way Program

   If anyone has a daughter/son or grandchild age 16-19 who is interested in going to Ireland
for the month of July,
please contact Maureen Bradley 648-8131.



Remember the date: June 8th 7:00 P.M. Open corporation Meeting all members are welcome


Our House Manager Barbara Button is in the process of establishing a list of SUBSTITUTE BARTENDERS
who could be called in the event that
a scheduled Bartender is not available or for a special function. This would 
be a list of people not on the schedule but willing to assist
on a ￿On-Call Basis.￿

(Please Note: If you are regularly scheduled you can still be on the Substitute List.)

If you are interested in substituting please call Barbara at the Hall at 724-5588
email her at: or call her cell at 759-8946
and provide your contact information.

Thank you all for your incredible support!

Applications for Membership

  It is a standing rule that Applications for Membership that languish without action for longer than 6 months are discarded.
Notifications for induction dates and times, through the Shamrock Degree, are sent to all applicants.

   Those who have applied prior to this 6 month period, and are serious about joining the A.O.H., need to reapply for admission 
and make arrangements to attend a Shamrock Degree ceremony within the next six month. 

Change of Address

 If you have had a change of address and have not notified the AOH, please email Jeff Largue
This is the only way that we can ensure that you get your copy of The Chieftain and 
that you get all notifications pertaining to the division.     Thank you!

Try this great website for all things Irish:

Irish Language Lessons

Beautiful Irish Tri-Color sashes are available from

Maureen Bradley (648-8131) for $31.00 each.


Who was Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin?
Click on his name and find out.

Who was Monsignor Donal O'Callaghan?
We were formerly the Monsignor Donal O'Callaghan Division
and we will keep this link on the website out of respect for his memory.

Learn more about the Easter Rising by clicking here.
Learn more about the Great Famine (An Gorta Mor) by clicking here.

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